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          手机版赌博下载的使命 是提供学生准备有意义的个人生活,专业成就和负责任的全球公民非凡的学习环境。手机版赌博下载经验是通过学生之间的协作学习,教师和工作人员,并由文科和理科专业的准备整合区别。

          我们的灵感 是我们一起改变人们的生活和加强社区。
          Teaching & Learning
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          Objective: Achieve pervasive and continuous assessment of student learning outcomes. College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences: Trends were reviewed in the graduates' first time pass rates and scores on two national board exams. From the analysis, areas of interest were identified and shared with faculty. As a result, the pharmacy law course was revised to add emphasis in specific areas. Law School: As a result of assessment, changes were made to require advanced writing at both the second and third-year student level to increase writing development opportunities and increase the use of formative feedback, peer editing, and rewriting.
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          Objective: Advance a culture of innovation. From pandemic-proofing the curriculum to integration with the city of Des Moines, Drake continues to innovate in a rapidly changing world.
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          发展和维持我们的资源 - 人,财,物的 - 为了完成手机版赌博下载的使命的承诺。
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          Initiative: DMPS Community Stadium
          Initiative: The Nelson Development Project
          Initiative: Master of Data Analytics Leadership
          Initiative: The Harkin Institute Building Project
          Initiative: Tuition Guarantee
          Initiative: Drake Online and Continuing Education
          Initiative: University Core Values
          Initiative: University Avenue Streetscape
          New Programs
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