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          计划概述 The 化学 major provides a solid foundation of scientific knowledge and experimental skills in a setting that emphasizes current developments in chemistry and experience with modern instruments and laboratory techniques. 

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          The Chemistry program at Drake provides a solid curriculum in all the areas of 化学 while also providing for direct, personal interaction with faculty through research opportunities and advising/mentoring. Students also gain hands-on experiences with current instrumentation through coursework and re搜索.

          学院 The Department of 化学 has seven full-time faculty, all with Ph.D.s. They are active in obtaining grants to support the program and in developing new teaching strategies. A number of them have received teaching awards. Their re搜索 interests are physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry.

          学术准备 No prerequisite high school courses or requirements are needed for enrollment in the chemistry program, but students should have a well-rounded academic high school curriculum. A strong 背部ground in mathematics is desirable.


          轻微要求 Twenty-four credits are required for a minor.


          手机版赌博下载课程 also requires first-year seminars, which foster development of critical thinking and written and oral communication skills through a topical focus; and a Senior Capstone, in which students demonstrate the capacity to bring information, skills and ideas to bear on one project.



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          学生组织和活动 Students are encouraged to use the chemistry resource room for study, take an active part in 化学 Club activities and become student affiliate members of the American Chemical Society (ACS).




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